Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ishihara´s Choice: The mangas you should not read

Vice governor of Tokyo, Naoki Inose - Manga: "My Wife is an Elementary Schooler!"
Tokyo governor Shinto Ishihara´s "Manga Ban" (Youth Healthy Development Ordinance) is coming into the effect, and the first 6 title to fall in the category of  "unhealthy literature" and "harmful publications" have been revealed.

A gag manga based on the premise that Japan’s birth rate falls so low that the government has to lower the legal age of marriage to Islamic levels. The 24-year-old protagonist finds himself married to a 12-year-old girl, and various suggestive though not explicit delusions ensue.
Title: Oku-sama wa Shōgakusei (My Wife Is an Elementary Student)
Seiji Matsuyama
Akita Shoten
Reason for Ban: Child Rape

Siblings Aki and Sora fall in love and begin a physical relationship. The manga is sexually explicit but also deals with the emotional turmoil the relationship causes in the pair. 
Title: Aki Sora
By Mashiro Itosugi
Publisher: Akitan Shoten
Reason for Ban: Incest 

*On april 21 the author revealed that there will be no more printings of volumes 1 and  3 with little hope of the manga being available again

A pair of female twins fall out after one steals the boyfriend of the other, who apologises by suggesting they “share” her boyfriend. Though the art is cute, the content is quite explicit, as might be expected of BL.
Title: Kareshi Sharing (Lovers & Sharing)

By Yashi Natsuba
Publisher: Shobunkan
Reason for Ban: Rape, Incest, Gang Rape 

A suspenseful and erotic tale in which a journalist works to expose a masked man who has been sexually assaulting women.  
Title: Koibito 8-gou  (Lover No. 8)
By Makoto Ojiro
Publisher: Shonen Gaousha
Reason for Ban: Rape

A compilation of seinen love comedy stories, erotic but hard to consider extreme.

Title: Hanahoyori
By Q-taro Hanamizawa
Publisher: Mediax
Reason for Ban: Sex at School

A collection of eight short stories by a long-time bishoujo mangaka, three of which contain themes of incest. 
Title: Midori no Kisetsu
By Maakou
Publisher: Moerl Publishing
Reason for Ban: Incest, Sex at School

If selected by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, any material that fall into those categories will be considers "to be excessively disrupting of social order." and so must not be sold or rented to people under 18 years old.

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