Friday, May 06, 2011

Hatsune Miku Commercial debut: Toyota Corolla 11

Its not rare to see companies employing celebrities to advertise they products, item + star is a formula that always gonna work, but what will happen if one of them is not real?. Well that's the case of the new advertising campaign for  Toyota´s Corolla 11, featuring the Japanese Virtual Idol Hatsune Miku 

This project is the result of the collaboration between Crypton Future Media's  virtual idol (Miku) and the American Arm of the Japanese car maker Toyota

-Corolla the official car of hatsune miku-

According to Toyota, both Hatsune Miku and Corolla are "driven by the sound of success."

 "The new 2011 Toyota Corolla and Hatsune Miku have two very important things in 
common -big dream in a compact package.

The reactions of the fans are mixed:

> “Holy shit, did you guys check the official page?

> Who the fuck draw that Miku on front page?

> Looked like fking shemale.”

> “I kinda like it…
> But I’m weird so don’t mind me.”

> “Nice, except the corolla is on the American top ten most stolen autos list for the last 17 yrs. I pass.”
> “They are giving a Miku life-size doll with each purchase? I might consider getting one…”

> “Legendary? The Corolla lost that status when it lost RWD.

> About the commercial, Miku’s eyes look scary. And ‘Hatsuni’? Ugh.”
> “This must be a desperate move by Toyota….. Selling based on just reliability doesn’t cut it anymore.

> There are new exciting C-segment (compact) startups from Ford, Hyundae and Kia vying to eat away Corolla’s dominance in the US market.”

> “They couldn’t outright use Tony’s art so they just “Americanized” her face.
> So much fail trying to put the super soulless Corolla with miku…and that site picture. El oh El, so much fail.” 

> “Oh god, so bad. Fail. I’m not as happy about the commercial as I should be.

> What? Why? Normal people are probably going “WTF is that!?”

> They should raffle off a Miku itasha.

> “Jesus that was terrible. Did they really think her voice cracking was commercial worthy?”

>“Toyota finally did it.” 

>“At least use Sega’s modelling! 

>“This is horrible!” 

>“Seriously? This isn’t some MAD?” 

>“No way.” 

>“Creepy. People who aren’t used to it will recoil, even me.”

>“Finally some bright news.” 

>“I’m sorry, so sorry!” 

>“Come on Toyota, give us an itasha option.”

>“This is one of those commercials you’ll either love or hate.” 

>“The quality of that 3D CG is seriously low…” 

>“Should she be driving? She’s only 16?” 

>“16 is enough there.” 

At least there is a common ground in the dislike of the image, and it rampant plagiarism of Tony´s Miku pose:



Anonymous said...

I like the picture... .-.

Anonymous said...

All behold Toyota's Pirated Miku!

Anonymous said...

considering that toyota is a very large company, i'm not surprised that this happened, both the picture fiasco NOR the fact that they tried to link-market miku and the latest xerox of corolla car.

i darkly wonder if Ford or GM will follow suit and put out a Mickey Mouse edition or a superman/batman edition, (or worse yet, a peter griffin or homer simpson edition) whatever 'sooper-dooper neato wowee' car, truck, or car/truck combo deal they can sucker the populace with, more-so than any other sucker deal they manage to stick to the masses.

/k/ockso said...

using chat from 2ch and 4chan, LOL ok.

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