Friday, May 06, 2011

Brain-controled Ears

Technology is amazing, it can take us to the space, or the deepest of the, watch new or event that are happening at the other side of the world, and even "rebuild" our body when they are hurt. But it is even more amazing when we find a way to use for our own hobbies or entertainment, and that is what this new ears do.

This are the "Necomimi" vol 1. developed by Neurowear, and as u can see the concept is simple, a pair necomimi (Cat ears in Japanese) attached to a sensor the read the brain waves and move the ears depending on your mood, just like the real cat ears would do.

Sadly there is not information about sales or a price, but it sure will just be matter of time before we can have our hands in one those. Meanwhile, feed your inner rage toward those who have had a free trial

More information at Neurowear

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