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Blue Exorcist

Opening Theme: "Core Pride" by UVERworld  --> Release Date: 2011/05/11

Title: Ao no Exorcist/Ao no Futsumashi (青の祓魔師(エクソシスト)) 
Episodes: 24
Producers: A-1 Pictures
Genre: Action/ Fantasy/ Comedy/ Shonen/ Supernatural/ Drama
Rating: +17 <---REALLY o.O?

It's hard to say if a series can really be called "best", but there is a title that Ao No Ex has already called an "Attention Whore". Promos during Madoka. advertising in every single (legal) simulcast on the web, and the english release of the manga's 1st volume, make Blue Exorcist the most hyped series of the season, but was it all worth it?

For almost all the 1st episode, the anime resemble more your regular drama that what it intents to be, with Rin Okimura (Our protagonist) as the fight seeker punk, while his younger twin brother have received an scholarship for the most important academy in Japan, and in top of that, they were raised by the father of the local church", Shiro Fujimoto.
We are forced to spend more time than the required watching Rin antics in his newest part-time job in a local market, but this all (almost) will have his own fair part in the plot when he find him self in a little tag game with a demon that is teasing a little girl. From that point the episode show his true colors, demons like ash all over the world, possession, and burst of blue flame, lets be sincere, it not D. Gray-Man but the anime manage to make himself a name.

The animation itself have his fair share of quality, as well and the effort with the ash demons and Rin´s flame, with a soundtrack and a voice selection that match extremely good every scene and character
Blue Exorcist may looks like the regular shonen product, and even when can fail compared to others of the same genre, it does a great job by his own, if you are not tired of the idea -Exorcist vs Demons- This is a show you must give a try.

Ending Theme:  "Take Off" by 2PM --> Release Date: 2011/05/18  

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