Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tiger & Bunny

Opening Theme: "Orion wo nazoru"  by UNISON SQUARE GARDEN --> Release Date: 2011/05/11

Title: Tiger & Bunny (タイガー&バニー )
Episodes: 12
Producers: Sunrise
Genres: Comedy/ Mecha/ Super Hero/ Action
Rating: PG - 13

Mutant people with super natural powers are emerging in the city of Sternbild, and what do we do with them?; they cant live a regular life due to his powers, and all the segregation and man hunt is old school and look more like X-men, so, instead of, we cover then head-to-toes in sponsor (in the best NASCAR spirit) and let them be the Stars of the best Reallity show television can bring. Basically, that is Tiger & Bunny

Kotetsu Kaburagi (Wild Tiger) is a veteran among heroes, with over 10 year in experience, he fit in the old-school kind of hero with speeches about justice, evil-doers and bla bla bla, something that doesn't seems to be appealing to the general public, and after a poor season, his sponsor company close and he is now relegated  to work as a side-kick with the newest hero in town Barnaby Brooks (Bunny), who by change of destiny have the same ability as Kotetsu, and form the 1st Hero Team in the History of Sternbild City. From this point the serie will follow the relation between Kotetsu and Barnaby, as well with the other heroes of the city while engage in his heroic antics.

Tiger & Bunny seem to be a direct approach to a new a commercialize anime, it literally screams "Go to America", character design resemble American comics (or Heat Guy J to have and example), and you can see actual brands such as Ustream and Pepsi being regular part of the show with the most popular heroes.
With going further in spoiler or plot details, if heroes are with light the flame of a fan inside of you, T & B is a show that you must definitely not miss, like came on, how long have it been since we saw a hero team in a bike with his own side-car... the old good time.

Ending Theme: "hoshi no sumika"  by Aobozu --> Release Date: Released 2011/04/27

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