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Deadman Wonderland

Opening Theme: "One Reason" by fade --> Release Date: 2011/04/27

Title: Deadman Wonderland (デッドマンワンダーランド) 
Based on the manga: Deadman Wonderland by Kataoka Jinsei (Author) & Kondou Kazuma (Artist)
Episodes: 12
Producers: Manglobe
Genres: Action / Horror / Sci-fi
Rating: 17+

I was planing to star with an introduction, but I think the anime can introduce himself

The premise of the series is the Prison/ Theme Park known as "Deadman Wonderland",  a facility where the inmates (disregard his condemn) work as entertaining for the visitors of the park, Think of it as Disney, but with the chance that Mickey is the guy you saw last week in the late news.
As the sole survivor of the slaughter in his classroom (by the hands of "The RED MAN", Ganta Igarashi is the main suspect of the case.
Betrayed by his lawyer and turned into public bastard #1, he is given the only logical punishment, He will now make part of the rows of DW, as a prisoner on death row.

The idea of a Theme park/Prison/Whatever candy store, is not new, and look easily as something Hollywood would do, but, what makes Deadman Wonderland stand up over the other cliche plots and give it his on share of action, gore and scy-fy is when Ganta discovers that he posses the ability to manipulate his blood and use it as a projectiles and meets Shiro, a white-hair, red- eyes girls, dressed in a full body suit who claim to be Ganta´s friend.

With only 2 episodes aired Deadman Wonderland, shows a great work in the animation, with his own share of detail in the gory parts and the whole blood manipulation thing, as well as the character design and the voices, that put DW as one of the best animes for this season.

Ps: For those familiarized with the manga, the only thing I regret is The fact that they removed Azami, although this wont affect the series, all the way till the end of the Scar Chain Arc, She took an important roll a Forgerie in the next part of the history, by taking away Azami from the history, that mean that Manglove doesn't have the intention of make a second season, matter if the anime is a hit or not  

Ending Theme: "Shiny Shiny" by NIRGILIS --> Release Date: 2011/04/27

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